Our Vision Starts Here

VIZIO, an American company, delivers innovative entertainment solutions and value. Each product provides brilliant, awe-inspiring entertainment experiences while incorporating seamlessly with the smart home.

Engineering the Future

Our leadership collaborates to guide transformation with our technology platforms. Because of this, we are strengthening and growing the team to bring the latest technology and value to our consumers.

Experiences Through Ads

VIZIO Ads gives ad buyers a direct path to purchase preferred premium inventory and targeted audiences at the TV device level, delivering a more relevant advertising experience to consumers and brands alike.

Our Business

VIZIO supports the sports fans at the goal line, the audiophile listening to every note, and the family who just wants to watch an action movie. We speak to them with enthusiasm and optimism that helps us connect in a way that stands out from our competitors.

The Vision

VIZIO's vision is to perfect how you experience home entertainment while redefining the TV as the anchor of the smart home.

VIZIO Internship Program

VIZIO’s internship program has been designed to give innovative students an opportunity to work alongside professionals. We collaborate with interns to give them real world experiences that allow for passion explorations. Our goal is to create the most optimal experience for learning and development.

Beyond the Benefits

VIZIO provides benefits that extend beyond our health benefits and wellness program. We have additional benefits that support our employees in everyday life, foster continued learning, and encourage networking.

Our Offices

VIZIO headquarters is located in Irvine, California. We are currently a distributed workforce during this time but do have office locations across the United States in Dakota Dunes, Dallas, Denver, Seattle, San Francisco, and more!

Current VIZIO Opportunities